Sunday, October 12, 2008


As of Friday, October 10th we now have a home in Bainbridge, Ohio!!! What a week it has been!! Thursday night my Dad got home from Ohio. Early Friday morning Joe and Dad went and got the biggest budget truck possible! We started packing and cleaning!! What a job! We packed up the whole apartment and got everything loaded from there, then we cleaned it all! Then we drove to where we had all of our stuff in storage and packed up there. It wouldn't all fit in the truck, so when we had the truck as full as we could get it we drove the 3 hours to our new home in Bainbridge, Ohio and started unloaded. We got the whole truck unloaded and alot of things put away...well.....i guess we got the kitchen unpacked and the bathroom. The other stuff is still mostely in boxes! Saturday morning my Dad and brother in law drove back to WV and got another load of stuff...So our stuff is all in Ohio now! :-) We love our new home!! It just feels like home already. It's so awesome!!!

****Saturday I had to leave to babysit because I had agreed to stay with 3 boys ( twins that are 5 years old and a 10 year old) while their parents went out of town on vacation. So after moving on Friday I left home on Saturday and drove to Cincinnati and am now babysitting 3 adorable boys!! I feel quite exhausted but happy to know my family is moved and getting all settled in.....

Oh....I almost forgot! My work at the daycare is over, and I'm sure going to miss those kiddos! Here's a few pics I took to remember them by.....

Isn't he adorable?!?!?!

Such a good little girl!!!

She made me laugh. She always called me "Ms.Christy" She was sooo sweet!!!

Absolutely beautiful!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just maybe...

Just maybe we have found a house..........We are praying and waiting...and trying to be patient! The lady that has the house has been renting it, so she said we could rent it but if we really like it then she would be interested in saleing it. SO- Not sure that this is "the house" but it is a very big possibility and I am hoping, hoping, hoping!! I cannot wait to actually have a place to call our own!! It will be awesome.........

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi again- after a long time!!

Well everyone..I guess I didn't promise to be the best blogger in the world did I?!? It's been quite awhile since I have updated here goes!!

~The Summer~ Wow where do I begin?!?
Lets just say it was wonderful! I had an absolute blast traveling this year with the guys.....They sang good, made me laugh, were a blast to be with, it was awesome!!! I also met alot of cool people and I loved it! I think this year in one sense made me get out of my comfort zone- my norm of being with people I know and am comfortable me away from just "my group" and my few girlfriends that I like to hang out with. It was a total new experience for me and although I enjoyed it alot, I also think it helped me become a better person...

~Now that summer is over~
Well my life at home is quite many of you know my Dad is taking a break from pastoring and is going into full time chaplain work. I think this change is one that my family really needs and once we all get settled will enjoy as well.....But for the past few months there have been lots of prayers going up to God with all of these changes and adjustments that my family is having to make. . . One big thing was that my dad could even find a job that he was comfortable with, in a location where he felt we should move, etc. etc..... God opened up an awesome chaplain job in Chillicothe, Ohio for my Dad to work at. This is the end of his second week and so far he is really enjoying it!! Now that his job is secure, we are looking for a house....... I guess I never ever imagined house-hunting could be this difficult or taking this long, but we are trusting God that He has the perfect place for us and that He'll show us it in His time....
While we are still living in WV I decided to try to get a job to help keep me busy and give me a little bit of money so I applied at a daycare just a few minutes from our house and the day after I put my application in she called and gave me the job! I was very excited!! I love working there. I will miss these kids alot. Here is a picture of just one of the sweet kids there!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life at home

Well life as it is at home....I left GBS with my parents Sunday night..I did good- I didn't cry but it was close!! It is so weird how you wait and wait for that day when you can leave college and be done. But when the actual time comes it's like OH NO!!! I kept wondering if and when I would see all my friends again. Good thing I have this summer to look forward to!

Now I am at home and am trying to get into the hang of a part of the "family". Life at college and at home is sure different one from the other! My parents are packing and trying to get ready to move, not sure where but they know they are moving...So we have boxes everywhere and our very small house feels even smaller since the house is half full of boxes!

Also since the last time I was home my Mom has picked up a part time babysitting job. She babysits a 9 month old little boy named Zander. Very cute and sweet but very on the go and wow he has livened our house up quite a bit!!

Well until later.....................

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well hello again all my friends..I am really enjoying my blog so far, besides the fact that at GBS sometimes the filter will not let me work on my blog but hey it's ok!! So today I moved out of my room :( It is hard to believe this school year is almost done. I have alot of mixed emotions about the whole deal. I am very excited to be done with school, but GBS has been my life for the past 3 years. It is just the normal thing to come back after the summer. So it will be one of those things that I will have to adjust to...Another reason I am so excited that school is over is because my quartet starts traveling in about 3 weeks and I am very excited about this summer!!! I think it will be a blast!!! Well I guess for now I should get off of here and be a good babysitter.....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday night...

Well hello everybody! Since everyone else around this place has a blog I figured I may as well join the bunch and get a blog too! Also since I am graduating from GBS this year I decided maybe a blog would be a good way to stay connected with all my old I'll give it a try! :)
Right now I am sitting here in my room (which is unusually messy and unorganized)...The reason for this is the fact that we have to be moved out of our room by tomorrow at 1. So we have been packing and preparing for our departure in a few days....
Camp meeting is right around the corner. Campmeeting is a very interesting time in the life of a GBSer. It is a time when there are great services, we get to meet lots of nice peole, we hear great preachers, and yes it is a good time..but it is also a time when I personally feel like my personal bubble has been invaded!! I want my room back!!!!!!!! But in times like these I have to remember all the good things about campmeeting..
positive thinking..positive thinking..positive thinking.. :) until later...Positive thinking!